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 Fake and Ghey Ban Appeal - Teamspeak and In-Game Ban. 
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Hey all~! *TL:DR At the Bottom*

I recently came across your community about 2-3 days ago now. I joined the Teamspeak about the 2nd day and first met a few EBW members. I've come to really enjoy playing on your server and it's one of the few in my favorites list.

I go by Fake and Ghey, it's just a name for comedic purposes. I've heard it can be offending but it's not meant to be. Just a little fyi.

- To The Point! Sorta!-

Already, so before it's even brought up as I use to be an admin of other communities and know it's frowned upon. I did "ban evade" my teamspeak ban but only because I felt it wasn't fair that I wasn't allowed to at least talk to staff in real time to assist me.

When I did come back, I only messaged Daiz- as I trust him and I know he has to do what he has to do but I wanted him to know the situation as well.

- On to it! -

Look, I know my KDR and Skill and quite up there to say the least. However i've encountered played better than me as well and know both sides to the story. As far as i've seen in-game. Not once has anyone DIRECTLY complained about me in-game chat or on TS. At least directly to me. Not sure about reports or what not.

If the case is that i'm going to hard in the game which I can do then someone just needs to let me know and ill relax and mess around. Sometimes I might do so just because my squad is getting decimated by people or EBW members better than the randoms themselves as a few of you are no slouch when it comes to infantry.

At the end of the day, I only want to get along and play. Hope you can see that from all the time I put into this.


I really do enjoy playing on your server and I know my stats are high. However if people are straight up with me and say they hate me tryharding and that i'm playing too aggressive then I'll just relax. I get carried away sometimes and go hard. I'm only here to have fun with others and play the game. Some of you even pretty well if your stats don't say they exceed the set limit.

Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:41 pm
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Fake and Ghey,

We did tell you in our Teamspeak that your in game KDR was quite high and we do not want our players to leave. You continued to over play our game server rather than leaving or backing off thus giving us no choice but to Ban you after we looked at your stats and seen your 3.2 plus Global KDR. Our server allows for up to a 1.8 global KDR player so you are well above that.

Appeal Denied
Have a grate day....

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Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:37 pm
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I noticed the topic hadn't been locked yet even as you've already passed a final decision so I decided to reply.

It's like I had said previously, not once did I see someone leave because of me or directly list me as a cause mid-gameplay themselves. If I had a nemesis pin on a player I would actively checked the scoreboard to see if they were in the lobby or check game chat to see if they were getting what I consider to be fairly annoyed by me playing rate.

In order for me to "back off", people need to be to say something. Dzai said I wasn't temp banned the previous day before that since no one had complained including himself. So for me to be banned today, someone had to have been doing so and if that was you and/or the upper staff themselves then none of you actually gave me a chance to do so.

Also KDR alone shouldn't be an official judge considering they're not that hard to get if you just know how to adjust your playstyle itself and have good skills/accuracy. I may have been getting a good KD but I wasn't completely destroying everyone, squad wiping, or even impacting server population as the it stayed filled for more then 5 matches straight with me in there.

Just my final thoughts. You have a great day too.

Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:18 pm
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Good Day,

I was the admin who had banned you.

I did let you know that you had a 11.5 in game kdr and had informed you that this server will not support this type of game play. the server max is 1.8 global KDR and that is scrolling in game chat.

We are running this server since the game's conception in 2010 and we are a well respected gaming clan, dating back to the BF2 days. With all due respect, we do know how to run this server and know what works and what does not in order to keep this game populated.

Also, this is an old game and it does need some special TLC and I can say from experience that your game-play will make our regulars leave.

... and for a final note, we are paying for this server and do not intend to pay for an empty server.

We do thank you for being polite and respectful and wish you the best in your future gaming endeavours.


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Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:10 pm
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